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Transform Your Space with Hygge

Hygge - That's "hoo-ga" by the way.

It's Danish and it's cultural. The Danes are the undisputed experts of creating cozy spaces. It's probably why they're all so happy. We figured we need a little more hygge, so we went looking for ways to bring hygge to your home. We learned that it's a little more than home decor; it's a whole way of life. Here's our top tops in turning your space into a hyggekrog (that's a cozy nook, if you were wondering).


Switch off the lights

Turn out the LEDs and, yes, light some candles. You can't resist hygge with the soft, warm glow and gentle flickering of those awesome candles. The beautiful scents are the icing on the cake.


Grab a throw blanket

A chunky knit will turn any couch into a snuggle paradise. While you're at it, grab an oversized sweater and your favourite socks.


Comfort foods and comfort drinks

Indulge with a rich hot chocolate, a homemade soup, or if you're like us, a glass of wine.


Get social 

Put down the phone, forget the screens, and spend some time with family and friends - that totally includes your furry friends. 


Try something new 

Break out a boardgame, go for a walk to a new place, pick up a new book. 


Bring some more hygge to your life: keep it simple, slow down and enjoy the moment.


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